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The last 4 weeks of Term 3 at school have been filled with various exciting learning experiences, workshops and excursions!


Circus and Drama Workshops

We have been involved in a special education program, focusing on drama, circus skills, resilience and team work. Student learnt lots of new skills and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Brad and Sara from Corrugated Iron for providing exciting workshops.


Students have been learning about different types of poems: Haiku, Acrostic, Diamante, Cinquain and many more. Enjoy some examples of their work here.










Cardboard Box Challenge

The Imagination Foundation hosts an annual Global Day of Play as part of the Global Cardboard Challenge, inviting the world to play while celebrating the creativity in kids around the world! The Cardboard Challenge happens any time of year, but there is always a lot of creativity leading up to the Global Day of Play, which is on the first Saturday of October.

Douglas Daly students participated in the Cardboard Box Challenge at school. Students were encouraged to invent, problem solve and design their cardboard creation.

For further information on how the Cardboard Box Challenge came about please visit the website: www.cainesarcade.com


Visit to the local Zoo at No.5:

Primary students visited a local zoo at No.5 on the Research Farm. In the beautiful garden of a local family, the students found all sorts of zoo animals: lion, giraffe, monkey, hippo, cats, crocs, frilled neck lizard, big gorillas…

Can you guess where the zoo is?



Sandalwood Plantation at Midway Station:

On Wednesday the 12th of October, Preschool and Transition students went on a local excursion to Midway Station to explore and learn about the local TFS industry of the Sandalwood Plantation. Kev, the manager of the Midway Plantation, gave the students a guided tour around the plantation and we all learnt interesting facts about the sandalwood trees.


Buddy Bench:

A big thank you to Coolalinga and Districts Bendigo Bank for donating the new Buddy bench!



Local Peanut Farm Excursion: Douglas Daly Research Farm

On the 6th of September, DD School went on a local excursion to the Research Farm’s Peanut paddock. The farm manager, Cameron Heeb, presented a very interesting presentation on how the peanuts were grown and harvested and students asked some great questions. A sample of peanuts were given to the school which were cooked in a couple of different ways for the children to try. After the trip to the paddock on a hot spring day, the children had a relaxing picnic style lunch in the classroom to cool off. Everybody had a great time.

Zachary said, “I loved the peanut farm. I saw grubs and 1 worm and I want to grow peanuts myself.”

Lane commented, “I likes seeing how the peanuts grow and they use a big machine that digs under the ground.”

Jemma  – “I found lots of triple peanut pods and it was interesting looking at the thrasher.”






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